Transactions Database

The OTCToolbox Transactions Database is a searchable online database that provides you with a wealth of information about acquisitions and other transactions involving the consumer healthcare/OTC industry worldwide.

Stretching back to 2009, this resource provides you with information on a broad range of consumer healthcare/OTC transactions worldwide, including acquisitions, distribution agreements, divestments, licensing agreements, mergers, strategic alliances and others. Transactions on the database involve non-prescription medicines; vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS); medical devices; skin health products; and other consumer healthcare/OTC products.

The format is quick and easy for you to search.

  • SPECIFIC SEARCH allows you to search for transactions involving specific companies, geographic regions, product categories and/or years.
  • KEYWORD SEARCH allows you to search for transactions on your own terms.
  • RAPID ACCESS to more than 1,000 transactions allows you to carry out research in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.
  • COMPREHENSIVE information on transactions makes your job easier.
  • UPDATED REGULARLY with new transactions.

The OTCToolbox Transactions Database is available as part of an Annual Subscription to the OTCToolbox website.

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