Nestlé has its eye on consumer healthcare

Nestlé has its eye on consumer healthcare

26 February 2018 - Deborah Wilkes


Read all about Nestlé's strategy in consumer healthcare in this NEWS EXTRA publication from OTCToolbox.

Nestlé views consumer healthcare as an “additional growth platform” that is consistent with its focus on nutrition, health and wellness.

The Swiss company is expanding its presence in consumer healthcare by acquiring Canada’s Atrium Innovations and has been linked with other significant deals.

Chief executive officer Mark Schneider says Nestlé has a “mixed track record” in consumer healthcare. “We have seen some spectacular successes,” he says, “but we have also had a few expensive lessons.”

Nestlé Health Science has been a “spectacular success”, says Schneider, adding that the business has been “quite accretive to the company over the years.”

By contrast, Nestlé Skin Health is on Schneider’s list of underperforming businesses. He says Nestlé remains committed to Nestlé Skin Health, and is taking “energetic” and “aggressive” action to address problems.

Download the publication today to find out more about Nestlé's:

  • Approach to acquisitions
  • Strategy in consumer healthcare
  • Problems at Nestlé Skin Health
  • Strategy at Nestlé Health Science
  • Acquisition of Atrium Innovations
  • Global acne joint venture
  • Financial results in 2017

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