Switches and other game-changing innovation

Switches and other game-changing innovation


30 April 2018 - Deborah Wilkes


Read all about switching medicines from prescription to OTC status and other game-changing innovation in Edition 14 of NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS, the OTCToolbox Innovations magazine.

Successfully switching a medicine from prescription to non-prescription status is not for the faint-hearted, according to the lead article titled 'Hitting the switch sweet spot'. A panel of speakers at the recent 3rd OTCToolbox/PLG OTC Conference and Networking Event pointed out that you require the right product, a company with the right capabilities and commitment to the switch programme, and a market that is ready. There was general agreement that managing stakeholders – including consumers, doctors, key opinion leaders, regulators and retailers – plays a key role in achieving market readiness.

Edition 14 also reports on the way Johnson & Johnson connects its Consumer, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals divisions with external innovators around the world through a network of businesses under the Johnson & Johnson Innovation umbrella. Heather Roxborough – Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s senior director new ventures and transactions, Consumer – explains how Johnson & Johnson Innovation works and provides some case studies.

Download today to read all about:

  • Hitting the switch sweet spot
  • Delivering game-changing innovation
  • Innovation must evolve to remain relevant
  • Maxwellia attracts funds for OTC switching
  • News and views on OTC innovation


The regular News & Views section is packed full of items on e-commerce, digital health, product launches, switches, ingredient issues and manufacturing moves.

NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS is the OTCToolbox Innovations magazine, which keeps you informed about news, views, technological developments and innovative products. It is written by OTC industry expert Deborah Wilkes, who is the Editor & Publisher of the OTCToolbox website.

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