Opportunities in the new decade

Opportunities in the new decade


31 December 2019 - Deborah Wilkes

Opportunities in the new decade is the theme of Edition 20 of the OTCToolbox Innovations magazine NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS.

Feature articles cover two of the concepts that are likely to drive change in the 2020s – sustainability and personalisation. Edition 20 also takes a look at some recent initiatives that could help self-care reach its full potential worldwide over the next decade.

Bayer has announced plans to step up its sustainability efforts significantly over the next decade, and self-care has a key role to play.

Personalised consumer healthcare products are on the rise, especially in the vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) category. Christian Rebholz of Simon-Kucher & Partners says there are also opportunities to personalise services, promotions, sales channels and communications.

Towards the end of 2019, companies and industry associations announced a number of self-care initiatives that could have a significant impact in the new decade.

Meanwhile, IQVIA Consumer Health has analysed OTC launches in key countries to find out what contributes to excellence. The findings were discussed at the recent OTCToolbox 2019 Consumer Healthcare Marketing Event.

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