Getting closer to consumers

Getting closer to consumers


30 November 2018 - Deborah Wilkes


Read how companies are getting closer to consumers in Edition 16 of NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS, the OTCToolbox Innovations magazine.

Edition 16 looks at the lessons that can be learned from digital native companies such as Amazon, PayPal and Uber. Johannes Vöster, a director of Simon-Kucher & Partners, says these companies work hard to be consumer centric and discusses how this can be achieved.

Other feature articles cover Perrigo's plan to transform itself from a healthcare business into a self-care business, and a major reorganisation at Procter & Gamble that moves resources closer to the company's consumers and customers.

The Big Idea in Edition 16 involves measuring brainwaves to find the feel-good price for a product.

Download today to read all about:

  • Learning from the digital native companies
  • Finding a feel-good price by measuring brainwaves
  • Five changes could boost OTC growth
  • Perrigo's new chief executive targets self-care opportunity
  • P&G unveils most significant reorganisation in 20 years
  • Regulatory News
  • Product News
  • People News


NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS is the OTCToolbox Innovations magazine, which keeps you informed about news, views, technological developments and innovative products. It is written by OTC industry expert Deborah Wilkes, who is the Editor & Publisher of the OTCToolbox website.

Edition 16 of NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS is available to buy and download today from the OTCToolbox website. You can make sure your team is well informed through a Multiple User Licence or a Global Licence. You can obtain all editions of NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS as part of an Annual Subscription to the OTCToolbox website.

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