Acquirers target emerging markets and VMS

Acquirers target emerging markets and VMS


22 January 2014 - Deborah Wilkes


'Acquirers target emerging markets and VMS' is an essential read for anyone involved in OTC business development. This new OTCToolbox BRIEFING tracks worldwide OTC deal trends in 2013 and puts key transactions in context.

OTC assets changed hands at a brisk pace in 2013, as acquirers targeted emerging markets and the vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) category. Generics companies, food groups and private-equity firms also played a key role in reshaping the global OTC industry during the year.

With Novartis and Merck & Co considering the options for their consumer healthcare businesses, 2014 looks set to be a significant year for OTC deals.

This 50-page BRIEFING lists key deals, tracks the main trends in a feature article, and analyses two of the most important trends in more detail. The BRIEFING was written by OTC industry expert Deborah Wilkes, who is the Editor & Publisher of OTCToolbox.

It is available to purchase and download immediately from the OTCToolbox website. Make sure your team is well informed through a Multiple User Licence or a Global Licence. The publication is also available as part of an Annual Subscription to the OTCToolbox website.

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