A truly transformative year

A truly transformative year


31 December 2018 - Deborah Wilkes


The OTCToolbox review of mergers and acquisitions activity is essential reading for anyone with an interest in business development in the OTC/consumer healthcare industry.

OTC Deal Trends 2018 provides a comprehensive guide to deals and trends in the global industry.

Mega deals transformed the global industry in 2018 as several pharmaceutical companies divested consumer healthcare/OTC businesses.

Other significant trends included big deals involving vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) assets; private-equity firms buying and selling assets; and interest in digital technology and e-commerce assets. There were also many companies buying and building.

However, some acquirers are struggling in the wake of older mega deals.

This authoritative Briefing provides in-depth analysis and insights into past, present and future mergers and acquisitions activity. Download today and read about:

  • 10 key OTC deal trends
  • Purchase prices for OTC deals
  • Big deals in the vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) category
  • How private-equity companies view the industry
  • Creation of pure consumer healthcare companies
  • Companies acquiring digital technology
  • Companies acquiring e-commerce assets 
  • Companies investing in microbiome research
  • Smaller companies buying and building
  • Six company profiles of acquirers and sellers – GSK, P&G, Taisho, J&J, Prestige and Bayer
  • What might happen next

Six company profiles:

  • GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to create global leader
  • P&G replaces PGT with Merck Consumer Health
  • Taisho extends geographic reach with UPSA
  • Prestige to focus on consumer healthcare
  • Johnson & Johnson divests Nizoral to three buyers
  • Bayer seeks to move on from Merck


The Briefing, which has 129 pages, is written by OTC industry expert Deborah Wilkes, who is the Editor & Publisher of OTCToolbox. It is based on data from the OTCToolbox Transactions Database, which contains details of significant deals in the global consumer healthcare/OTC industry.

It is available to purchase and download immediately from the OTCToolbox website as a PDF. Make sure your team is well informed through a Multiple User Licence or a Global Licence for the Briefing. The Briefing is available free to people who have a current paid-for Annual Subscription to the OTCToolbox website.

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