Turning the vision into reality

Turning the vision into reality


30 May 2016 - Deborah Wilkes


The OTC Company Strategies 2016 REPORT – 'Turning the vision into reality' – provides a comprehensive guide to company strategies and developments in the global OTC/consumer healthcare market.

OTC players continue to reshape and enhance their businesses apace, but turning the vision into reality is proving more challenging for some than for others.

Companies are grappling with a range of issues, including finding the right acquisition, fending off hostile takeover bids, and realising the synergies of existing deals. Maximising profitability and optimising innovation are also high on the agenda. Furthermore, diversified pharmaceutical parent companies are under pressure to spin off their consumer healthcare children.  

Buy and download OTC Company Strategies 2016 today to read:

  • The Executive Summary analysing key industry trends
  • 17 Company Strategy Profiles detailing developments at individual players. Profiles are provided for the world’s top OTC players plus a selection of other companies that are driving change.


The OTCToolbox Company Strategies Report is written by OTC industry expert Deborah Wilkes, who is the Editor & Publisher of OTCToolbox.

This 200-page Report is available to purchase and download immediately from the OTCToolbox website as a PDF. Make sure your team is well informed through a Multiple User Licence or a Global Licence for the Report. The publication is also available free to people with an Annual Subscription to the OTCToolbox website.

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