Stada’s Butti elected president of Assosalute

Stada’s Butti elected president of Assosalute
Salvatore Butti is general manager and managing director of EG, Stada’s affiliate in Italy

24 May 2021 - Deborah Wilkes

Stada’s Salvatore Butti has been elected president of Assosalute, the Italian self-medication industry association, for a three-year term.

Butti is general manager and managing director of EG, Stada’s affiliate in Italy. Prior to joining Stada in 2019, he worked for Novartis, Recordati, Sanofi and Teva.

A Stada spokesperson told OTCToolbox that Butti’s election as Assosalute’s president reflected the German company’s “commitment to empowering patients to self-medicate responsibly and effectively, as well as the group’s expanding presence as a top-five consumer healthcare player in Europe”.

“This growing consumer healthcare footprint,” said the spokesperson, “is being achieved through a combination of organic means, such as launching brands in additional markets, and inorganic moves, such as the acquisition last year of several consumer healthcare products from GlaxoSmithKline that added brands such as Venoruton and Duofilm to Stada’s OTC offering in Italy.”

Assosalute is an industrial asset

Noting that Assosalute was an “indispensable tool”, Butti said it was an “industrial asset without which it would not be possible to pursue legitimate interests and put forward proposals in the appropriate fora for the support and development of the self-medication medicines sector”.

Butti said his priorities as president included continuing the dialogue with doctors and pharmacists, following in the footsteps of the Self-Care Generation project launched by his predecessor.

He stressed that both healthcare professions – doctors and pharmacists – played essential roles in contributing to how self-medication products provided safe and effective solutions to the growing demand and desire among citizens to take responsibility for their health.

Butti also highlighted the importance of continuing Assosalute’s dialogue with patients and consumers. He promised that Assosalute would continue investing in educational projects with schools as well as in other activities such as the digital project Semplicemente Salute which, through the web and social networks, aims to disseminate authoritative, accurate and certified information on non-prescription medicines, minor ailments and appropriate lifestyles.

Promoting appropriate switches

A core element of Butti’s programme will be expanding the range of self-medication treatments available by promoting appropriate switches of medicines from prescription to non-prescription status.

"We must have courage and invest in the future,” commented Butti. “There are concrete areas where it is possible to expand the supply of self-medication drugs, also taking inspiration from what is happening in other European countries."

Butti also stressed the importance of “working closely and constructively” with authorities such as the Italian medicines agency AIFA and the country’s Ministry of Health to address and resolve any issues that arise.

"It will also be crucial to continue the fruitful relationship with parliamentary institutions, promoting all opportunities for dialogue and discussion, because this is the only way to consolidate the visibility and authority of the association,” commented Butti. “This will allow us, in the appropriate ways and at the right time, to demonstrate how self-medication drugs are a resource for our health system and what measures need to be adopted to encourage and support their development."

Butti takes over as president from Murizio Chirieleison, executive director of Angelini Pharma’s Consumer Healthcare business.

Supporting Butti as vice presidents are Stefano Brovelli, Consumer Healthcare executive director of Alfasigma, and Matteo Scarpis, general manager of Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare business unit.

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