Self-Care Week Europe picks up a CHi Award

Self-Care Week Europe picks up a CHi Award
Lars Münter of Self-Care in Europe (SCiE) (pictured centre) receives the CHi Award from Deborah Wilkes of OTCToolbox (right) and Vincent Bartkowiak of IQVIA Consumer Health (left)

3 December 2019 - Deborah Wilkes

Self-Care Week Europe, an international collaboration launched by Self-Care in Europe (SCiE), is the winner of the OTCToolbox Consumer Healthcare Industry (CHi) Award for Self-Care Initiative of the Year.

Lars Münter of the SCiE collected the CHi Award at the OTCToolbox 2019 Consumer Healthcare Marketing Event in London, UK, on 28 November 2019.

“Self-Care Week Europe is a remarkable cross-border initiative involving both associations and industry,” was the verdict of one of the seven judges for this CHi Award.

A second judge said Self-Care Week Europe was a “great collaborative initiative across numerous countries with many key contributing messages”. This judge was impressed by the way it involved “wide use of material and routes of engagement” as well as a “single but very effective communication and educational platform”.

A third judge commented that it was a “very good example of international collaboration leading to extended geographical reach and the potential for further expansion in future”. “It reached a very large audience including key groups of policymakers and legislators as well as consumers and healthcare professionals,” said the judge, adding that the initiative “showed the potential of linking existing local initiatives with some innovative new approaches to build a bigger whole”.

Self-Care Week Europe is organised by SCiE, which describes itself as a “cross-border network initiative working to engage authorities and promote public-private partnerships to support the future of self-care”. SCiE is led by the Danish Committee for Health Education, the European Health Futures Forum, Third-I and Self‑Care Factory.

Click here to download the Winners Book for the OTCToolbox CHi Marketing and Regulatory Affairs Awards.

Five OTCToolbox CHi Marketing and Regulatory Affairs Awards were presented on 28 November 2019:

  • European Launch of the Year
  • European Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • Regulatory Achievement of the Year
  • Self-Care Initiative of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement

IQVIA Consumer Health sponsored the Networking and Awards Presentation Dinner at the OTCToolbox 2019 Consumer Healthcare Marketing Event.

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