Scott Gottlieb resigns as FDA commissioner

Scott Gottlieb resigns as FDA commissioner
Scott Gottlieb recently announced plans to strengthen the regulation of dietary supplements in the US

5 March 2019 - Deborah Wilkes

Scott Gottlieb has resigned as commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just two years after he was appointed to the post.

Norman Sharpless, director of the National Cancer Institute, has been named acting commissioner of the FDA.

During his time at the FDA, Gottlieb has paved the way for more medicines to be switched from prescription-to-OTC status and announced plans to strengthen the regulation of dietary supplements in the US.

The US Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) said Gottlieb had been a "vocal advocate for ensuring consumer access to safe and reliable self-care options including OTC medicines and dietary supplements".

"His tenure at the FDA has been marked by tremendous progress on modernising the regulatory framework for OTC medicines and beginning similar work for dietary supplements," commented Scott Melville, the CHPA's president and chief executive officer.

Former FDA staffer

"Gottlieb effectively brought his previous experience as a physician, former FDA staffer, clinical researcher and cancer survivor to the agency," added Melville.

Alex Azar, secretary of the US Department of Health & Human Services, said Gottlieb had been an "exemplary public health leader, aggressive advocate for American patients and passionate promoter of innovation".

President Donald Trump nominated Gottlieb as FDA commissioner in March 2017, and he was sworn in as commissioner in May of the same year.

Gottlieb had previous experience at the FDA, where he was deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs from 2005-2007.

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