Partners sought for orodispersible pelargonium

Partners sought for orodispersible pelargonium
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21 February 2020 - Deborah Wilkes

German company red otc development is seeking to outlicense a pelargonium product for colds that is supplied in the form of melt-in-the-mouth tablets. The company described the herbal product as “natural medicine with a modern twist”.

Licensing rights to PelaMelt (pelargonium orodispersible tablets) are available worldwide except Poland.

Red otc development told OTCToolbox that the development phase for PelaMelt had been completed but the product had not yet been registered in any countries.

Commenting on the European Union, red otc development said PelaMelt would be a Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product (THMP). The company noted the product’s dossier complied with the current monograph for pelargonium.

Outside the European Union, PelaMelt could have a different status such as a food supplement.

Annemarie Dengler, head of business development at red otc development, said PelaMelt combined a well-known pelargonium dry extract with a new dosage format to create a handy herbal remedy that could be taken without water.

Red otc development said PelaMelt was a “natural, convenient and child-friendly remedy for the symptomatic treatment of common cold”.

PelaMelt could be marketed as a standalone product, added the company, or introduced as a line extension to an established brand.

For further information send an email to Annemarie Dengler.

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