Norway adds to list of general-sale medicines

Norway adds to list of general-sale medicines

22 May 2020 - Deborah Wilkes

The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) has added orodispersible paracetamol tablets to the list of medicines that can be sold in non-pharmacy outlets.

Orodispersible paracetamol tablets were suitable for use by children, commented NoMA, adding that they were an alternative to other children’s paracetamol products if shortages arose.

NoMA said Norway’s list of general-sale medicines already included several non-prescription formulations of paracetamol including tablets, effervescent tablets, suppositories, powders, granules and oral solutions.

The agency pointed out that orodispersible paracetamol tablets were similar to these other formulations in terms of safety and suitability for self-care.

The change took effect on 19 May 2020.

Orodispersible paracetamol tablets have been available without a prescription in Norwegian pharmacies since 2003.

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