Nestlé to combine its scientific discovery units

Nestlé to combine its scientific discovery units
The new Nestlé Research organisation will be based in Lausanne, Switzerland

24 May 2018 - Deborah Wilkes

Switzerland's Nestlé is combining its two scientific discovery units into a single organisation called Nestlé Research that aims to take the nutrition, health and wellness company's "research work to a new level".

Nestlé Research will bring together the Nestlé Research Center and the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences. It will consist of three major research institutes – Health Sciences, Material Sciences, and Food Safety & Analytical Sciences – and will be based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with around 800 employees.

Mark Schneider, Nestlé's chief executive officer, said the company's success was "built on meeting fast-changing consumer demand around the world".

"In this dynamic environment, innovation leadership is key to winning in the marketplace," he commented. "Strengthening our discovery research capabilities will give us an edge when it comes to developing the technologies for the next generation of must-have products."

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