Products in brief | Beiersdorf, Gerber, Infirst

Products in brief | Beiersdorf, Gerber, Infirst
Lil' Brainies is one of two new gummy multivitamins from Gerber

7 July 2020 - Deborah Wilkes

Beiersdorf is eliminating packaging leaflets for Eucerin, Gerber has launched gummy multivitamins, and Infirst Healthcare has a new UK television advertising campaign for Flarin.

Sustainability initiative for Eucerin

Beiersdorf plans to eliminate all packaging leaflets for its Eucerin dermocosmetic brand by July 2021.

As of this month, said Beiersdorf, 80% of all Eucerin products around the globe left the factory without leaflets.

The German skincare specialist said the move would “save 20 million leaflets worldwide each year”.

Wiebke Maerker-Scheel, senior manager derma sustainability at Beiersdorf, said the company had “carefully examined which information on the package inserts is essential, taking into account both legal requirements and consumer interests.”

“All relevant information will be retained,” added Maerker-Scheel. “However, to save paper, it is to be found on the product packaging or alternatively on the Eucerin website.”

In addition to the leaflet initiative, Beiersdorf said the entire Eucerin portfolio had been nylon free since the beginning of 2020 and many Eucerin product formulas would be free of microplastic by 2023.

Gerber launches multivitamins

Gerber has launched two gummy multivitamins in the US.

The early childhood nutrition specialist said Grow Mighty and Lil’ Brainies were “specially designed for young children two years and older to support healthy growth and development”.

Gerber said Grow Mighty Complete Kids Multivitamin contained “key nutrients for immune, bone and eye health, as well as brain development”, while Lil’ Brainies Omega Tri-Blend & DHA Kids Multivitamin was formulated to help kids “during the important stage of exploration and early learning”.

Gerber, which is owned by Nestlé, also offers probiotic products for babies and kids.

New campaign for Flarin

“It’s not just ibuprofen its IBUPROVEN” is Infirst Healthcare’s slogan in a new UK television advertising campaign for Flarin.

Infirst said the national campaign, which starts on 20 July 2020, would be the largest to date for the joint pain reliever based on lipid-formulated ibuprofen.

As with previous advertising for Flarin, the campaign will highlight that “no other ibuprofen has been proven to be more effective for joint pain” and the “unique lipid formulation helps shield the stomach from danger”.

The campaign will consist of 30-, 20- and 10-second commercials running during peak and daytime television.

Karen Stoner, Infirst’s director of consumer marketing, said the company was “planning to make significant investments in advertising to support brand growth throughout the rest of 2020”.

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