HRA Pharma runs contraception hackathon

HRA Pharma runs contraception hackathon
HRA Pharma's Hack'tion for Contraception took place in Paris at the beginning of April

9 April 2019 - Deborah Wilkes

A recent hackathon organised by HRA Pharma produced 14 potential digital solutions that could improve the contraception journey for women.

The French consumer healthcare company said the winning concept, which was developed by a young couple of IT consultants, was a connected wearable capable of tracking fertility or acting as a pill reminder.

HRA Pharma said more than 60 developers, data scientists and digital experts had participated in the 48-hour hackathon held at the beginning of April in Paris, France. They were tasked with developing innovative digital solutions to improve the contraception journey for women.

The participants – supported by medical experts and mentors – were invited to develop solutions to improve the compliance of regular contraceptives, digital fertility tracking methods or innovative education tools.

An untapped opportunity

Stephanie Pradet, HRA Pharma's director of innovation, said "digital solutions to support women’s health provide an untapped opportunity for us to support the generation who may need this most with an approach that is more familiar and easy to access".

Around 40% of participants were women, noted HRA Pharma, adding this was "pretty unique in the world of hackathons".

HRA Pharma describes itself as a pioneer in "access to emergency contraception".

In 2015, the company switched its ellaOne (ulipristal acetate) emergency contraceptive from prescription to non-prescription status throughout the European Union.

In addition to ellaOne, HRA Pharma markets the NorLevo (levonorgestrel) emergency contraceptive which has non-prescription status in a number of countries.

HRA Pharma's worldwide sales increased by 72% to EUR210 million (USD237 million) in 2018, following the acquisition of the Compeed brand (click here to read the News story).

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