Futura highlights UK diclofenac development

23 July 2018 - Deborah Wilkes

Futura Medical says Thornton & Ross has now filed a marketing authorisation application for its TPR100 topical diclofenac gel in the UK.

Thornton & Ross – Stada's UK subsidiary and one of the largest consumer healthcare companies in the UK – gained the UK rights to TPR100 in early 2017. The deal was Futura's first licensing agreement for TPR100.

Discussions with potential partners outside UK

James Barder, Futura Medical's chief executive, said the company was in "commercial discussions with several potential distribution partners for territories outside of the UK".

Futura said TPR100 would be available in the UK without a prescription as a general-sale list (GSL) medicine for local symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation.

The UK-based product development company, which specialises in transdermal technology, noted that TPR100 benefited from the "rapid skin permeation rates" offered by its proprietary DermaSys delivery system.

"Rapid and increased skin permeation offers potential benefits in pain management, including improved onset of action, duration and degree of pain relief," commented Futura.

Futura reported a loss of GBP3.90 million (USD5.15 million) in 2017, but had cash resources of GBP8.36 million at 31 December 2017.

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