Flarin wins CHi Innovation of the Year Award

Flarin wins CHi Innovation of the Year Award
Manfred Scheske, chief executive officer of Infirst Healthcare (pictured centre), accepts the CHi Award from Deborah Wilkes of OTCToolbox (left) and Tim Brady of the PLG (right)

5 March 2019 - Deborah Wilkes

Infirst Healthcare's Flarin is the winner of the 2019 OTCToolbox Consumer Healthcare Industry (CHi) Award for Innovation of the Year.

One of the nine judges for the CHi Award described the medicine for flaring joint pain and inflammation as a "potential game changer".

The runner-up for the Innovation of the Year Award is Appia Healthcare's Cryotag Skin Tag Remover.

The OTCToolbox CHi Awards honour the best in business development and innovation around the world.

Highly-experienced judges

Winners of the CHi Awards were decided by a panel of highly-experienced executives in the consumer healthcare field. The panel for the three CHi Awards included representatives from Bannert Manlik Consultants, Bunniss Associates, Ceuta International, Diapharm, Euromonitor International, Healthy Brands, Innovation Fixer, IQVIA, Plexus Ventures, Present Value and Roland Berger, as well as OTCToolbox and the PLG.


Flarin – a "unique lipid formulation" of ibuprofen – was launched in the UK in January 2018 following a "significant investment in pioneering research and development".

Infirst highlighted the findings of its FLARE double-blind, randomised study, which it said demonstrated that lipid-formulated ibuprofen at 1,200mg a day – Flarin – was as effective as the prescription dose of 2,400mg standard ibuprofen a day at relieving flaring joint pain.

The company said Flarin was the “first and only OTC lipid-formulated ibuprofen which helps relieve flaring joint pain and inflammation”. The company added that Flarin’s unique lipid formulation “helps shield the stomach from damage”.

Multi-country potential

One judge said Flarin “impacts one of the largest OTC categories and has the potential to be multi-country”. Flarin served a “large consumer base of dissatisfied sufferers”, continued this judge, adding that it was “another option in the quest to reduce opioid consumption”.

Innovation of the Year was one of three CHi Awards presented during the 4th OTCToolbox/PLG OTC Conference and Networking Event held in London, UK, on 28 February and 1 March 2019. The other two CHi Awards were Transaction of the Year (click here to read the News story) and Business Development Team of the Year (click here to read the News story).

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