Download looks at top 10 digital healthcare trends

Download looks at top 10 digital healthcare trends

24 January 2022 - Deborah Wilkes

Augmented reality, virtual reality and AI assistants are among the top 10 digital healthcare trends for 2022, according to a new download from Orbital Media.

The digital agency points out that augmented reality is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with healthcare applications including vein visualisation, surgical visualisation and education.

Orbital Media points out that “smartphones are becoming smarter, making augmented reality a pocket-sized reality for consumers”.

Opportunities include healthcare professional teaching tools and consumer education tools.

Commenting on virtual reality, Orbital Media says this is “more accessible and accurate than ever”. The arrival of affordable and accessible hardware, adds the agency, will drive adoption of virtual reality by consumers and industry.

Opportunities include managing pain, training healthcare professionals and educating consumers about self-care, according to Orbital Media.

The download also highlights the opportunities for AI assistants which “offer 24/7 responses in a fraction of the time of traditional enquiry methods”.

Orbital Media points out that “lifelike” avatars, which use “full audio syncing and facial movements to give the impression of a human host, are on the way”.

Click here to download Orbital Media’s ‘Top 10 Digi-healthcare trends for 2022’.

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