CVS Pharmacy launches self-care campaign

CVS Pharmacy launches self-care campaign
CVS Pharmacy in the US is now stocking a range of honey and bee pollen self-care products

20 May 2019 - Deborah Wilkes

CVS Pharmacy has launched a self-care campaign in the US that highlights the retailer's recent "purpose-led initiatives" and "expanded assortment of wellness products".

The campaign features CVS Pharmacy's new Tested to Be Trusted programme, which requires third-party testing of all vitamins and supplements sold in stores and online.

The testing programme is designed to confirm the accuracy of dietary ingredients listed on the Supplement Facts panel of products and confirm that products are free from certain additives and ingredients.

CVS Pharmacy said more than 1,400 products from 152 brands across 11 categories had completed testing. It noted that around 7% of products had failed the testing, resulting in either an update to the Supplement Facts panel or removal of the product from shelves.

According to CVS Pharmacy, it is the "first and only national retailer to implement a programme that requires this calibre of standards for vitamins and supplements".

Kevin Hourican – president of CVS Pharmacy and executive vice president of CVS Health – said third-party testing of all vitamins and supplements "uniquely positions us as a trusted retailer and health partner where consumers can shop for proactive wellness solutions with confidence".

"We are seeing more customers focus on self-care as part of their overall health," said Hourican, adding that CVS Pharmacy was "committed to providing access to new products and categories to empower people to practice self-care in their daily lives, especially since self-care varies based on an individual's needs".

Year-long campaign

CVS Pharmacy's self-care campaign – titled Treat Yourself Well – runs for a year and encompasses television commercials, digital advertising, social media content, in-store signage, and in-store "healthy hour" events to educate consumers about new trends and brands.

The campaign includes a commercial that encourages Americans to "treat yourself to vitamins and supplements, all third party tested to help ensure they contain what they claim". The commercial also points out that CVS Pharmacy "stopped selling cigarettes years ago" and sells "skincare options that we made paraben-free".

Commenting on its expanded product range, CVS Pharmacy said it was introducing more than 300 new items in six new health and wellness categories. It added that the emphasis was on cognitive, nutrition, mood and sleep therapies.

The retailer said the new product assortment would be available in more than 3,000 stores and on by the middle of 2019. New products include collagen protein, essential oils, aromatherapy stress spray, bone broth protein, weighted blankets, yoga mats, free weights, bee pollen and honey immunity products.

CVS Pharmacy said the campaign was "designed to empower consumers to make self-care a part of their daily routine".

"As self-care continues to be a growing trend supported by leading health organisations," added the retailer, "CVS Pharmacy's new Treat Yourself Well campaign will champion the idea that, while self-care may mean different things to different people, it is a critical part of everyday health for everyone, regardless of age, gender or income."

CVS Pharmacy is the retail division of CVS Health and has over 9,800 locations in the US.

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