About OTCToolbox

OTCToolbox is a trusted platform dedicated to business development and innovation in the consumer healthcare industry worldwide. Deborah Wilkes – Founder and Editor & Publisher of OTCToolbox – has 30 years' experience of analysing developments.

The OTCToolbox website provides in-depth coverage of significant developments in the consumer healthcare industry. Our Premium News Service, Transactions Database and other publications give you the full view – not just a brief overview. 

We also run industry events (click here to find out more about our events) and the Consumer Healthcare Industry (CHi) Awards (click here to find out more about the CHi Awards).

OTCToolbox covers a broad range of consumer healthcare products including non-prescription medicines; self-care medical devices; vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS); dermocosmetics; and other selected unlicensed healthcare products.

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