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Serrix steps up expansion outside Europe

11 August 2016 • by Deborah Wilkes

Serrix steps up expansion outside Europe

Ruben Visser, founder and managing director of Serrix Consumer Health, says the company's strategy is based around the belief that "there's no greater wealth than health"

Serrix Consumer Health is seeking distributors outside the European Union for its Mycosan antifungal footcare range, ObesiStop weight-loss line and SoreFix cold-sore products. Ruben Visser, founder and managing director of Serrix, says the Netherlands-based company is keen to find partners worldwide, including in Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and North and South America.

Visser tells OTCToolbox that Serrix has just launched the antifungal footcare products in the Baltic states, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kazakhstan and Scandinavia.

In addition to finding distributors, Serrix wants to make contact with scientists working on medicated-skincare technologies that are "unique, proprietary and innovative". Serrix is interested in a variety of technologies, including ingredients, dosage forms and packaging, says Visser, stressing the importance of improving "consumer satisfaction" with its products.

Visser founded Serrix in 2007, after gaining experience at two other product development companies, Wartner Medical Products and PnP International. He also worked for KPMG as a business adviser focusing on mergers and acquisitions.

He tells OTCToolbox that the Serrix approach is based around the belief that "there's no greater wealth than health".

"Genuine, safe and effective"

Noting that he has an "idealistic vision of consumer healthcare", Visser says he wants to develop "genuine, safe and effective" products that he is "happy for his own family to use". "I want to develop products that I will still be proud of when I am 80 years old," he remarks.

Kjell Verhoeff, sales manager at Serrix, comments that "consumer satisfaction" lies at the heart of everything Serrix does. He notes, for example, that a recent survey carried out in conjunction with distributor PGT Healthcare found 85% of SoreFix users had recommended the product to friends and family.

SoreFix (pictured below) was one of the first products developed by Serrix. The patented cold-sore balm, which is classified as a medical device, is positioned as an "alternative to aciclovir" that treats cold sores with zinc salts
and prevents them with a physical filter. It is described as a "discreet" and "invisible" lip balm.


According to Serrix, SoreFix works "differently from any other cold-sore treatment". "SoreFix not only treats all four stages of a cold sore, such as tingling and cold-sore blisters, but also prevents cold-sore outbreaks," claims the company.

"A physical filter protects the lip from cold-sore triggers that cause outbreaks, such as sunlight, dry/chapped lips, seasonal influences, and injury to the lips," explains the company.
 "While the zinc salts encapsulate herpes virus infected cells, preventing them from affecting healthy cells."

SoreFix is currently available in a 6ml treatment tube and an 8ml prevention jar of clear balm, both of which provide a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30. The company plans to add a liquid patch to the range by the second quarter of 2017.

Verhoeff says SoreFix is now available in eight countries in Europe through PGT Healthcare. He points out that Serrix is keen to find distributors in a couple of key countries in Europe – notably Italy and Germany – as well as worldwide.

Range of antifungal OTC footcare products

Serrix has also developed a range of antifungal OTC footcare products available under the Mycosan brand and supported by the slogan "Confident with fungus free feet".

The range comprises five medical devices. Mycosan Fungal Nail and Mycosan Athlete's Foot are treatments, while Mycosan Foot & Shoe Powder and Mycosan Protect foam and spray are preventive products (pictured below).


Mycosan Fungal Nail is a nail treatment backed by the on-pack claims "visible results in two weeks" and "up to 100% effective against fungi". The product, which is aimed at people suffering from fungal nail, is a serum supplied in a tube with an integrated, flow-through brush and 10 nail files.

Meanwhile, Mycosan Athlete's Foot is a gel aimed at people suffering from athlete's foot backed by the claim "relieves itching instantly".

Mycosan Protect comprises a foot foam and spray designed to protect feet and toenails against fungal infection and reinfection. The product is claimed to provide a protective and water-resistant barrier that lasts for 12 hours as well as neutralising odour and instantly refreshing and cooling the feet.

Serrix has also introduced Mycosan Foot & Shoe Powder to prevent the return of fungal infections of the feet and toenails. The company claims the products "absorb three times more sweat than existing foot powders".

Mycosan is now available in most countries in Europe, but Serrix is keen to find distributors in Italy and Germany as well as worldwide.

The third product – ObesiStop – is backed by the slogan "Puts an end to obesity".

ObesiStop Appetite Reducer contains natural fibres that swell up in the stomach to give a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing hunger pains and food cravings. The product is a medical device in the European Union.

Expanding its range of products

Visser describes Mycosan, ObesiStop and Sorefix as the "three pillars" of Serrix. He notes that over the next three years the company aims to expand the range of products available under each brand to between three and five.

He says Serrix wants to add a fourth pillar to the portfolio within the next three years.

Noting that the majority of the existing products are medical devices, Visser comments that Serrix is exploring other routes to market such as food supplements and medicines. ObesiStop is available as a food supplement or a medical device, depending on the country, he observes.

Visser says Serrix has grown rapidly in recent years, as it has expanded both inside the European Union and out into the CIS and Middle East. Sales in volume terms rose to 4.5 million units in 2015, he adds.

The company has big ambitions. Visser says the goal is for Serrix to be present in six regions, including North and South America, within five years. "Serrix wants to have a product in every household in the world in 2025," he comments. 

If you would like to find out more about Serrix or the company's product portfolio, send an email to Kjell Verhoeff. Click here to send an email.

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